Delta Cycle Smartphone Caddy

A Pretty Cool Addition To My Rig

Delta Cycle Smartphone Caddy Review

It turned my handlebars into the control room. On more relaxed rides I would listen to music, make phone calls and get directions with little distraction. Before I added the caddy, I would often have to dig into my pocket for my cellphone. Adding the cellphone caddy made my rides go much smoother as I no longer had to dismount my bike to obtain directions or other useful tidbits from my phone.

Bikepacking tip: a cellphone caddy introduces the greatest distraction of all-time, the smartphone, into your ride. At times I found myself overly focused on my phone instead of the road and ended up in precarious situations. If you get easily distracted, then I would not recommend adding a caddy to your handlebars. I mean, isn't the whole point of going on an eight-hour bike ride to get away from your phone?