From State Capital to the Nation's Capital: A DC Ride with Yong Wu!

Fine, I made it to the West Coast, but that doesn't mean that the tour is over. Yesterday I got a blast from my touring past when Yong Wu, my friend and host from Springfield, Illinois, stopped by DC. In case you've never been, Springfield is the capital of the wonderful state of Illinois. Often after visiting Springfield, people are left wondering, "How in the hell is this the capitol of the same state that houses the world-class city of Chicago?" People might feel that way because, well, Springfield is odd, and pretty frickin' empty. I had my "a-ha" moment when meandering about Springfield I noticed that the state's Board of Election was housed within an old strip mall, abutting a Chuck E. Cheese. Yeah, Springfield is an odd place, but it housed a great Warm Showers/Couch Surfer host in Yong Wu.

So Yong and I packed in a lifetime of patriotism into our afternoon bike tour of DC. Over the span of 5 hours and about 17 miles we visited 3 federal government buildings, 1 Smithsonian museum, 6 national monuments, 1 national cemetery, 1 awesome noodle restaurant and 2 great DC parks. Had we heard a screeching bald eagle soaring above us then this would have been the most patriotic day of all time...ever. Here are the shots from a memorable day in DC with Yong Wu.