Giro Terraduro Shoes

Sturdy Bikepacking Shoes

Giro Terraduro Bikepacking Shoes Review

I strongly recommend these "clipless" bikepacking shoes to touring cyclists. During the first month of my bikepacking tour, I quickly realized that my feet bore the greatest burden of any part of my body. For five to nine hours a day, the soles and toes of my feet were under constant pressure. Thankfully, the Terraduro shoes had a very supportive sole and heel cup which dissipated much of the strain. Though they took a lot of abuse, the shoes held up. In particular, I found the ratcheting straps to be both sturdy and efficient, making it a breeze to slip the shoes on and off. Though some cycling shoes, particularly those of the road-riding style, can be a bit cumbersome to walk around in, I found these bikepacking shoes to be comfortable for walking through town or even taking brief hikes.