Topeak Mini Morph Pump

Topeak Mini Morph Pump Review

Topeak's Mini Morph Pump Is A Good Choice

There is one special feature of this pump which made it slightly more expensive than other models but that also made it much more worth the while. The pump is connected to the nozzle by a bending rubber tube. When using a hand pump to inflate a tube, the person pumping usually gets lazy with their strokes and flails the pump around a bit. The flexible rubber tube of the Topeak Mini Morph doesn't cause any damage to the valve that may be caused from jerking the nozzle around.

Other pump models connect the pump directly to the bike tube valve, so each stroke could potentially rip the valve and damage the tube, precisely what you don't want to happen. For that reason I recommend the Topeak Mini Morph pump and others which have the flexible tube connecting the nozzle to the pump. In the long run I bet it will save you a few tubes.